Value investing

An investment paradigm that derives from the ideas on investment that Benjamin Graham and David Dodd taught at the Columbia Business School. Although it has taken many forms, it generally involves buying shares in companies, which appear to be undervalued by fundamental criteria. Value investors believe, that the stock markets often react unreasonably to positive or negative news, thus creating a discrepancy between share price and intrinsic value of the business. To value a company and it’s shares, they look at assets, average profit or paid out dividends. Value Investing is a disciplined approach to investing, strongly emphasising detailed analysis and prudent risk control.

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Growth Investing

An approach pioneered by american investor Thomas Rowe Price. The basic idea is to buy stocks of companies experiencing above average sales and profit growth, with high margins and bright future prospects. Proponents of this style assuma, that the company has an experienced management team or a competitive advantage, which will ensure prosperity and good results in the coming years. They analyze products, competition, management and the industry, in which a company operates. Shares of such a business usually sell at a premium compared to the general market, reflecting above average growth.

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Investment Advisory

We offer financial analysis, risk profiling and portfolio management to our clients. Included in the service are regular meetings and reports about the status and rebalancing of investments. Judging independently the investment horizon and risk tolerance of each client is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Customers benefit from a broad scale of asset classes: Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures, Funds, ETFs and Currencies. Each account is deposited at our brokerage company in the name of the client, who retains all access rights to it. Personal portfolios can be constructed from 10 000 EUR.